"The contract installer in Peru scored 100% on ALL orders! Great job!!"

Insight Communications

Here's what we can do for you.
In the 21st century, you simply have to have high-speed, high-quality, reliable cable connections. Utili-Comm South provides the complete range of installation services:
  * We provide professional technicians to major MSO's for VoIP, Digital TV, Modems, and HDTV. We offer both residential and commercial installations. We are not your ordinary contrator. Read what our customers say.
  * MDU Rewire: Our team can handle the toughest of post-wire projects. Give us a call when the “ordinary” MDU team says “NO.” Pam’s 25 years in the cable industry is displayed in her design and attention to details – which leads to achieving the correct technical specifications on EVERY job.
Digital cable television

* HDTV: High-definition television provides a widescreen digital format with a picture that's six times sharper than your old analog set. Once you see the difference in clarity and color, you'll never want to go back!

* DVR: Digital video recorder technology basically turns your TV into a superpowered VCR for live programs, while you're watching them! At the fingertip touch of your remote control, you can create your own instant replays -- pause, rewind, replay, slow-motion, zoom, you name it! And DVR even stores up to 50 hours of programs (compared to six hours on a VCR), so you can watch later -- when it's more convenient for you.

High-speed cable Internet/e-mail/Instant Messaging
  * HSI: High-speed Internet leaves phone-line Internet in the dust -- it's available up to 4mps, which is fully one hundred times faster than dial-up. So if you're fed up with waiting for pages to load, HSI is your answer.
High-speed cable Telephone/Fax
  * VoIP: Internet Voice, also known as Voice-over Internet Protocol, brings cable quality to your phone (and your fax, if you like). It uses a broadband connection (instead of antiquated analog), for much, much sharper sound and transmission quality.
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