These days, you need fast, clear cable connections -- so, you need Utili-Comm South as your installation professionals.

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CHECK IT OUT: our new fleet of
65 vans.

We work with the major cable providers (like Time Warner, Comcast, and Insight) and our reputation for quality control is unsurpassed. Surf around our site to find out more!

For homes, apartments and offices that need quality cable, we're the connection you need. We can provide you with high-speed

* TV: The latest in HDTV (for the brightest, sharpest picture) and DVR
technology (a digital way to rewind, pause, and replay -- as you're watching!)

* Internet: It's up to a hundred times faster than dial-up, without blocking a phone line

* Telephone: Superior sound quality, to anywhere in the world.

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"The contract installer in Peru scored 100% on ALL orders! Great job!!"

Insight Communications

“Utili-Comm South has been the most reliable and dependable contracting company I have had the pleasure of working with.”

Insight Communications

“The staff always shows professionalism, giving us quality work and performances that we are pleased with.”

Insight Communications


“…the work Utili-Comm South has performed and the results have been excellent.”

Insight Communications

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"We want Utili-Comm South to be a great place to work. Let's talk!"

John Pudenz, President


"Utili-Comm South is exceptionally capable, trustworthy, and very professional, and always backs up their work.

Comcast Cable

Utili-Comm South Managers are firm believers in quality, which shows in their Quality Control process.

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